Value of Chess Pieces – Rook Chess Piece

In chess, each player starts with two Rooks chess pieces, one in each corner of their chess board. The name Rook is derived from the Persians term ‘rokh’ and Sanskrit term ‘rath’ which means chariot. The appearance of the Rook piece in chess is also somewhat like a castle. That is why some chess players identify the Rook chess piece as a castle.

The Rooks are considered to be stronger than bishops and knights.When the Rook piece is supported by the minor chess pieces or the queen they become a formidable force. When the Rook supports the king or the queen the opponents find it difficult to attack or even go near them. Two Rooks together may be even stronger than the Queen Chess piece. But the only drawback is that they are somewhat clumsy pieces unless you know your chess strategy.

The white Rook chess piece starts on a1 and the black Rook piece starts on h1 in algebraic notation.The Rook can move horizontally and vertically, forward and backward without any barriers. It captures the enemy piece by occupying the square on which it stands. The Rook participates with the king in its special move called castling.

When two Rooks combine they become most favourable for attack and defense. The most valuable position for the Rooks combined is the 7th row, where they become somewhat formidable.

The Rook chess pieces can support the pawns but they are not strong enough to stop them opponent pawns. The Rook chess piece should always be kept as backup. When compared to the knight and two pawns the Rook is somewhat stronger.

A Rook piece and two pawns are superior to two knights. When the pawns advance forward it is best to place the Rook chess piece behind the pawns.

The most powerful position for Rook is when it is on the seventh rank. If there are two such Rooks they are capable of forcing victory. Again the Rooks in this position can call for a permanent check. Exchange happens when one wins a Rook for a bishop or a knight. Some consider two Rooks to be more powerful than the queen. Rooks and queens are called the major pieces or heavy pieces in the game of chess and the other chess pieces like bishops and knights are called minor pieces.

Chess players usually use the Rook for the king’s move called castling. During castling all the other pieces other than the Rook and the king will be removed. Then the Rooks protect each other. The Rook is less exposed to danger when it is unobstructed by the pawns of either players. Another strategy with the Rook chess piece is to double the Rooks by placing them one behind the other.

The Rooks become more powerful towards the end of the game because then they can move without the hindrances created by pawns. In the game of chess it is always better to use Rooks as chargers rather than defenders.