Value of Chess Pieces – Bishop Chess Piece

Experienced chess players know that it vital to understand the value of the pieces in the game as well as their values relative to each other. This knowledge and the ability to assess the value of a piece in a particular situation is the mark of a skilful chess player.

Masters and authorities are of different opinions as far as the value of the Bishop Chess piece is concerned. Some say that the Knight is more valuable than the Bishop piece. But when we consider things more seriously we feel that the value of bishop chess piece is more for practical purposes. It is estimated to have superior mathematical value over the knight. It is also more powerful when it combines with other chess pieces too.

The best thing about the bishop chess piece is that it can attack from all sides. Lois Paulsen, one of the pioneers of modern chess school has demonstrated this with his winning abilities using the bishop chess piece.

When in precarious situations, the bishop piece pair value gains more importance irrespective of what ever other pieces are on the chess board. Usually the grandmasters of chess in opening play prominently move with their bishops.

The Bishop piece in chess is at its best when it is posted in the position of c4. When there is a threat on the king’s side from the opponent the bishop is best posted at g4. For the queen’s defense the bishop chess piece should be placed at d2 or d3. It is always good to keep the bishop within the reach of the Bishop’s square itself. There should always be a communication between the two bishops chess piece for the better effectiveness of the game.

It is not right to drive back the queen-bishop to g3 as it will adversely affect the game. The Bishop Chess piece should take extra care when the knight is posted at f3. As the bishop can travel in all directions it should be used mostly for defensive purposes.

Two bishops combined together are more powerful than the two knights combined.

It is often said that if your pawns are in a precarious position and you still have your bishops it is worth losing a pawn to trade a knight for his bishop. When we take two bishops and two pawns they are more powerful than the rook and the knight. Usually one bishop is stronger than three pawns.

The bishop piece is also more valuable than the knight chess piece because of its higher mobility levels. The only drawback of the bishop piece is that it can move through the columns of the same color only. But this can be taken to an advantage. When the two bishops are traveling on opposite colored squares there is no possibility of duplication.

It is not always advisable to trade with the bishop as its loss can affect the game adversely. During the beginning the bishops are more powerful than other minor pieces. Also, the bishops along with the rooks and the queen gain ten percent more value in open positions.