Winning in Chess – How to Win in Chess

Chess is a game that requires strategic thinking and decision making in order to bring about a win. You need to take control of the game of chess from the very first moves and not sit back and expect a chess win to occur without effort or input. Never be passive – spend all of your time planning and reassessing. This is the best way to ensure a positive outcome and to win a chess game.

Start thinking from the beginning about your endgame of a play and plan towards that point in the game. Chess cannot be won in the first move of the game and so chess win moves begin from the first move and every move that you make after that will take you closer to the end game and to a chess win. Aim to control areas of the board. This means that every move you make you should first think "will this move help me to control another section of the board?"

Try to familiarize yourself with tactics of the game and practice so that you will recognize patterns in the positions of the pieces. If you do this, you will be able to eliminate possible moves without potential and focus on moves that have the potential to bring you closer to a chess win. It is more difficult to eliminate moves than it is to see them in the first place. However, you also need to be aware that the situation on the board could change with one move. Your opponent may play a move that you had not considered and that may throw your plan out the window. Never assume that you have planned your way to victory and that the game will continue along that track until the end, resulting in a chess win for you. Chess wins come to those who can both plan ahead and have the foresight to be flexible and change their tactics if necessary. Before each move, step back and make sure that your game is continuing the way that you planned it to and if not, change your planned move.

There are a number of chess strategies that are available that promise chess wins in a small number of moves. It is possible to learn their tactics however; they generally work best on those who are new to the game of chess. Other chess professionals will know these tactics or have their own and so they won't always work to bring about a chess win. Most chess wins occur during the middle game rather than the endgame. The endgame is a difficult period of the game as there are so few pieces on the board. Study endgame tactics and this will improve your chances of a chess win.

It is a good idea to study the game, tactics and chess wins of the great players. These will familiarize you with common boards and potential chess moves. To achieve online chess wins you can use the same tactics and plans as you use for land based chess wins.