The Polish Chess Federation

The Polish Chess Federation also known in Polish as PZSzach was formed in Warsaw, Poland on April 11, 1926. The very first chairman of the federation was Józef Żabiński.

In the Polish Chess Federation’s original statute, the fundamental objectives of the federation were defined as working towards increasing the popularity of the game of chess in the country, as well as a general organization of the game. The Polish Chess Federation also aimed to represent the country in various chess related events around the world and to coordinate the activities of the various chess clubs and regional associations all over the country.

Today, the Polish Chess Federation is involved in organizing individual and team tournaments and championships, which are held in different age categories. One of the most notable achievements of the Polish Chess Federation was being inducted into the International Chess Federation or FIDE in 1927. The FIDE is widely recognized as the main chess governing organization in the world.

Following the years after World War II, on April 30 to be exact, the Polish Chess Federation was re-founded, and it remains active in the local and international chess scene to this day, with the exception of the years between 1950 -1957. While the General Delegate Assembly remains the highest decision making body as far as chess is concerned, a board consisting of 10 to 15 members manages the Polish Chess Federation’s day-to-day activities. Each of the board’s members is assigned to the post through an election process, and they serve in this capacity for a four-year period.

One of the most prestigious events that the Polish Chess Federation is involved in is the Individual Polish Chess Championship. This is by far the most important chess tournament in Poland, and its primary goal is to select the best chess players in the country. Players who perform exceptionally well in this event have a chance of being selected by the Polish Chess Federation for the national team, and also possibly the team that will be fielded for the Olympics.

Poland has actually had a long and illustrious chess scene, with the first men's championship having been held in 1926. This event, along with the first women's event in 1935, were both held in Warsaw.

A total of four men's finals and two women's were held in the years between the World War I and World War II. Aside from a few years’ exceptions, the tournament has taken place every year after World War II. These events are all typically round-robin tournaments, wherein the men's groups are comprised of 14 to 16 players, while the women's groups are made up of 12 to 14 players.

To date, there have been only four Swiss system tournaments in the men's category. These were held in 1975, 1976, 1977, and 1979. In the women's category, seven Swiss system tournaments have been held in the years 1959, 1965, 1966, 1975, 1976, 1977, and 1978. Two final tournaments that were open to international players have been held over the years, with the men’s event held in 1937 and the women’s event held in 1962.