Chess FIDE Master – A Chess Title

The Chess FIDE master title is given to players who fall between the qualification norms for the Grand Master and the International master. To achieve the chess FIDE master title, a player must have an ELO rating of more than 2300. The titles of Chess Grand Master and International master among the other title like Chess FIDE master are awarded by FIDE that is the governing body for the chess federations. To achieve the titles one must pass through several stages that include getting two norms as the ratings agency decides.

In these days when chess as a sport has become very competitive and there are huge sums of money involved, a Chess FIDE master rating is the stepping stone for higher titles like the chess grand master. Thus, it has become a matter of prestige for players to seek the titles accordingly. The players, he or she, must participate only in FIDE approved tournaments and earn the points required for such a rating.

With increasing frequency of tournaments being held, it is likely and possible that more and more players get the chess FIDE master title and get the benefits that come from the same. It is a fact that the number of chess FIDE master titleholders has gone up in the last decade as the fact that the number of players with grand master and international master have.

There are many women who are aspiring to the chess FIDE master title. There are also players who can get the woman chess FIDE master title that is a bit easier in the qualification norms. However, the fact that women want to compete on equal terms with men ensures that there are a number of women who take part in tournaments that are a stepping stone for the chess FIDE master titles.

The criteria for the Chess FIDE master titles are listed in the FIDE handbook of regulations that covers these guidelines required for qualification. However, the fact remains that FIDE has not updated the regulations as frequently as it has done for the grand master and international master titles. The categories of events where the percentage of points required for qualification are associated with an event. The standing of the player as a percentage of the points gained by them and the relative ranking among the other players in the field is a pointer to the ratings norm that can be achieved as part of the criteria for the chess FIDE master title.

There are several tournaments that are held that do not have the approval from FIDE. The players must be well informed and if they fancy their chances at a chess FIDE master title, they should not play in these tournaments. However, many players still participate in these tournaments, as they want the maximum playing experience as possible. It is a fact that there are several chess FIDE master titleholders from the Russian republics due to the number of players who come out of these countries.