The Chinese Chess Association– Chess in China

The Chinese Chess Association or CCA which is known officially as the People's Republic of China Chess Association or PROCCA is the main chess governing body in China. A member federation of FIDE or the Fédération Internationale des Échecs, the CCA is also a member of the Asian Chess Federation or ACF.

The Chinese Chess Association is the primary organization that is responsible for all of the chess events in China, among them the prestigious China Chess League or CCL. The CCA was founded in 1986, and its headquarters are currently located in Beijing.

The History of the CCA

Chess was actually not well received in the country when it was first introduced. Because of this, the game was originally affiliated with the Chinese Xiangqi Association when it was founded in November of 1962. The game’s popularity gradually increased over the years however, and along with the increasing number of achievements of the Chinese players in major world chess tournaments, contributed to the formation of the Chinese Chess Association in 1986. Its first President was Hong Lin.

The Role of the CCA

The CCA is currently a member of the National Olympic Committee and was officially inducted into the FIDE in 1975. The association’s primary goals are to promote and popularize chess in the country, as well as to organize various chess events. The organization also aims to represent China on the international chess arena, and to coordinate the activities of chess clubs and regional associations in the country. The Chinese Chess Association is also involved in the organization of both individual and team chess tournaments and championships in China, which are open to different age groups. To this end, the CCA encourages the participation of students in chess events in the various schools around the country.

The CCA is primarily responsible for selecting and financing the Chinese national team for entry into the Chess Olympiad (which is held every two years), the World Team Chess Championships (which is held every 4 years), the Asian Team Chess Championships, the Asian Indoor Games, the Asian Chess Games, and various national chess summits.

How the CCA is Funded

The National Sports Committee currently provides funding for the CCA, and it is also responsible for appointing the association’s officials.

In 1993, the Chinese Chess Association received US $1.5 million as an “endowment fund” from a Singaporean businessman named Mr. S.T. Lee. A small part of this donation was earmarked for the development of the Chess library in QiYuan. The rest of the donation was deposited in an account from which the Chinese Chess Association earns interest. This money is used mainly for administrative operations and to finance the sending of Chinese chess players to competitions in other countries. Beginning in 1997, the Chinese Chess Association has also been operating a computer firm in order to fund various chess related activities.

The current officials of the CCA are as follows: Chen Zude, who is the President, Ye Jiangchuan, as the General Secretary, Tian Hongwei or Abigail Tian, who is the Delegate & Press Officer, and Yin Hao, who is the Rating Officer.