CFC - The Chess Federation Of Canada

The Chess Federation of Canada, also known as the CFC or the Fédération Canadienne des échecs in French, is the national chess organization of Canada. The federation was actually founded as the Canadian Chess Association in 1872 and its name was later changed to the Canadian Chess Federation or CCF in 1932. With the formation of the CCF, Canada finally had a chess organization that, for the first time, counted among it members representatives from all the major cities in the country.

The name of the CCF was changed in 1945 in order to avoid being confused with a political party in Canada, which was called the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation. The CFC is presently involved in organizing chess tournaments and publishing national ratings so that the federation’s members can see how they compare to the rest of the country in terms of playing ability. At present, the highest rated player in the entire country is Kevin Spraggett.

The CFC is also responsible for publishing a bi-monthly magazine called Chess Canada, which has been releasing since 1974. Formerly called En Passant, and then later the CFC Bulletin, the magazine features game scores and reports on all the latest chess tournaments in Canada, particularly those with Grandmaster level players. The magazine also features the top ratings of different age groups in the sport, as well as the top overall player in the country. In addition, the magazine also features announcements of upcoming tournaments in and around Canada.

In addition to these activities, the Chess Federation of Canada also organizes several national chess events. One of the most famous of these is the Canadian Open, which is held in July every year. This event is open to Canadian as well as foreign chess players.

Montreal was the site of the very first Canadian Open, which was held in 1956. The event was notable for the inclusion of Bobby Fischer as one of its more illustrious participants. Since then, the tournament has steadily increased in visibility and prestige and in 2007, it finally became part of the ACP Tour. Some of the grandmasters that have participated in the Canadian Open in the past are Paul Keres, Boris Spassky, Bent Larsen, Alexei Shirov, Ljubomir Ljubojevic, Nigel Short, and Vasily Ivanchuk. Concurrent with the holding of the Canadian Open, The Canadian Youth Chess Championships are also held at the same location.

The CFC is also responsible for organizing a national championship chess event, which is held every year or two. The country being under the jurisdiction of FIDE, players can earn their International Master or FIDE Master title by winning in the Canadian Chess Championship. The CFC also organizes the Canadian Women's and Canadian Junior Championship. In addition, the federation is also responsible for sending both men's and women's chess teams to the World Chess Olympiad.

The Current Champions of the Chess Federation Of Canada are Igor Zugic, as the overall Canadian Champion, Natalia Khoudgarian, Dina Kagramanov as the Women’s Champions, and Bindi Cheng as the Junior Champion.