Chess Brain Teasers - Challenging Your Brain with Chess

Chess Brain Teasers come in a variety of different forms and styles, and can be found for every level of chess knowledge and ability. The solving of chess puzzles and problems is not a new past time, and in fact has been a world championship sport for over 3 decades. The World Chess Solving Championship represents the highest end of chess brain teasers, but actually a very small percentage of those interested in chess brain teasers.

What Are Chess Brain Teasers?

Chess brain teasers or chess puzzles are essentially boards in various stages of play. Different chess brain teasers come with different rules, but basically you have to jump into play in order to achieve the aim of that particular chess puzzle.

What Different Types of Chess Brain Teasers Are There?

The variety of chess puzzles available is extensive, but they will all test your ability for logic and reasoning. For example you might find chess puzzles in which you are presented with a board on which you are playing white, and have to put black into-check mate within a certain number of moves. Alternatively, you might find chess puzzles that tell you to play white, but the aim of the chess puzzle is to force your opponent to put you in check within a certain number of moves.

What's the point of Chess Brain Teasers?

The difference between chess puzzles and other types of puzzles is that with chess puzzles the aim isn't always to win. You are presented with a board and given a position – your natural inclination is to go on to win that game, and as quickly as possible. However, many chess brain teasers will give you instructions that are contrary to your natural inclination. For example, you might be instructed to get yourself into check; or you may be required to put your opponent into check but only after a certain number of goes. Another type of chess brain teaser may have you play at least one turn for each of the sides. Chess brain teasers help you to develop your logic and therefore your mastery of the game. They teach you discipline, whilst providing you with a stimulating challenge. For anyone who wants to master chess, this is a must.

Where can you find Chess Brain Teasers?

Chess websites are an excellent resource for anyone interested in chess brain teasers. On most chess websites, you will find a whole variety of services and resources that you may not have even known you wanted. First of all the chess puzzles on chess websites are refreshed regularly essentially providing an endless supply of puzzles. In addition to this however you will find on all chess websites an introduction to the game for those that need, and tips and strategies that will help you to climb your way through the skill levels. You will also find links to other useful sites, and information relating to tournaments and the like, as well as a forum in which you can communicate with fellow chess puzzles enthusiasts.