Chess Candidate Master - An Honorable Chess Title

Chess is a game of intellect and skill. It is literally a battle of wits, and the players who become successful in this field are nothing less than masters. Since it is a game of skill and strategy, there are naturally various levels of skill; these are determined by titles.

These titles are deferred by FIDE, the worldwide governing body for the game of chess. Among the various ranks given to chess masters, is the title of Chess Candidate Master.

Candidate Master or CM is awarded by the Federation Internationale des Echecs (FIDE). This is an organization that links the several chess federations located all over the globe and acts as the official governing body.

The chess candidate master title is a step below FIDE master, and is a stepping-stone to acquiring the coveted title of chess grandmaster. The titles are in the following order, beginning with the chess candidate master title, after which is the tile of FIDE master; the next rung on the ladder to chess success is the awarding of the title of International Master to a chess player. The cherry on top of all of this is the title of Grandmaster.

Chess players can become eligible for these titles by an organized system of points set up by the FIDE. There are various point levels that players have to reach to be awarded a certain title. These titles are open to both men and women chess players. The chess players are required to play in international games and contests and secure points with each game and win that they make.

The title of Candidate Master for instance requires a minimum of 2200 points for a player to qualify for it. The FIDE title is ahead of this by another 100 points; meaning that a player with a chess candidate master title only has to secure about a hundred more points to become a FIDE master. These points are classed based on the Elo rating system.

However, the title of International Master is only conferred to a player on the choice of the FIDE. Therefore players with high Elo ratings may still not get the title of IM or international master.

Strong chess players are not satisfied with any title they may get and look forward only to the highest title of grandmaster. Hence the title of Candidate Master is not seen as a tremendous achievement in chess circles, although laypersons appreciate and value it.

However, players who have been awarded the chess candidate master title are definitely more skillful than the average chess player. This is but the fist phase to becoming a world chess champion or Grandmaster.

The Candidate master will easily defeat the average player by odds that are three to five in his or her favor. Similarly, players with the chess candidate master title may get defeated by the same odds by other players holding the title of master chess player.

Below the Candidate master is the Category I player, who is quite a good player, but just not as good.

In the world of chess it is necessary to mark and grade the champions of the game. The title of chess candidate master is just one means of doing so.