Blockade is a strategic method in which a player lines up his chess pieces in such a way that it blocks the way of another, more important piece –usually the king – from enemy attack.

While playing Chess, blockade is a series of clever tactical moves that obliges your opponent to move their pieces creating a path of their other primary valuable pieces thus blocking those primary pieces from having the opportunity to attack you.

Imagine that you threaten a bishop that is unguarded in a game opening; your opponent will move that bishop in front of his or her own queen. If you have achieved this result, you have carried out a blockade. The queen cannot attack you nor defend itself.

Blockades can be used at most stages of the game. Using a blockade at the end of a game is very useful too, if you are able to threaten a king and force the king to a position that result in that the rest of your opponents pieces are not a treat to you. Once you place your opponent’s king into check and are forced to move make sure you can limit its possibilities. This again is a blockade.

Learning the blockade strategy is especially important for beginners. But regardless of your skill the blockade is a favorite and essential strategy in a chess game.