ACF – Australian Chess Federation

The Australian Chess Federation or ACF is an organization whose main purpose is to promote the game of chess in Australia. The federation is a member of FIDE or World Chess Federation, which is known as Fédération Internationale des Échecs in French. The Australian Chess Federation currently has a membership roster that is made up of several state and territory chess associations in Australia.

The ACF has a web site, which can be found at Here you can sign up for a free email newsletter that they produce, which features local and international chess news, games with editorial commentary, and many other topics of interest to chess players all over the country. Besides from receiving copies of the newsletter by email, you also have the option to read it on the web site.

The web site of the Australian Chess Federation also regularly posts announcements of various chess competitions, weekenders, and events around the country such as the Myer Tan Grand Prix series. If you want to know more about Australian chess players, a comprehensive listing of individual ratings, champions, and titles is also provided. In addition, there is a database comprised of thousands of local games available for downloading.

There is a lot more to the Australian Chess Federation than their web site however. As the premier chess federation in the country, the ACF is also actively involved in the organization of various chess events. The Australian Chess Championship is only one of them, and it is one of the most prestigious chess events in Australia. Held every two years, the Australian Chess Championship is usually open only to Australian chess players, although a number of exceptions have been made over the years. The winner of this tournament has the honor of holding the title “Australian Chess Champion” until the next tournament comes around.

The Australian Chess Championship generally follows the restricted Swiss format. In the event that there is a tie for first place, a playoff match or tournament will be held in order to determine the champion.

The establishment of the Australian Chess Federation is reflective of the state of chess in Australia, which has swept through the country like the proverbial wild fire. Numerous high profile chess events are held all over the country on a regular basis. In the years between Australian Chess Championships, an event that is open to players of all nationalities is held called the Australian Open This chess tournament has been in existence since 1971, with the winner holding the title of Australian Open Champion.

Some other chess events held in the country are the Australian Junior Championship, the Australian Girls Championship, and The Australian Women's Championship, with the Junior Championship and the Girls Championship being held every year. The Australian Women's Championship was originally intended to be a separate tournament, but present chess regulations in the country actually give the title of Australian Women's Champion to the highest-ranking female player in the Australian Open.