Learn to Play Online Chess Better

I've been an avid chess player my whole life. Since the advent of the internet, online chess has really helped make the game of chess more popular. What's especially nice about online chess is that you get to play chess with people from around the world. Internet chess has been popularized by many websites allowing people to play chess online I get questions from people all the time who want to learn to play chess online but feel intimidated because the chess game is thought of as difficult. What people don't realize, however, is that chess games are accessible for all people and that anyone can learn to play chess.

Chess Invasion was created to give new and experienced chess players a site where you can learn the most basic rules to advanced techniques. I've gathered a team of lifetime chess players and writers who share in my vision of bringing online chess to the world. We provide you with everything from the rules of chess to strategy and more to help make chess second nature to you. Start with the basics or brush up on intricate strategy moves and see why chess has captivated and continues to captivate millions of people.

We're always updating our site and adding new content. Be sure to check back often and drop me a line if there's something you'd like to see added to the site.

-- Frank Steamer, Founder & Editor